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About Us

Rajasthan Flooring is a group of working professionals in the field of construction. We work on Residential, Landscape & Interior, Commercial, Industrial & Institutional , Hospitality & Large Infra Projects.

Our Story

In the pre-independent India, our ancestors worked as artisans who made the beautiful Temples by just carving out the hard stones. Since then, our generations has had a special relationship with the stones. With the passing time, this skill was also passed to the next generation. Having a rich history of working in some of the famous temples and monuments in India, we stepped into the flooring business.
The community which worked as the temple carvers is now doing wonders in the flooring business. Carrying forward the legacy, the community of the marble carvers become the largest community in the wizcraft of marbles.


With Rajasthan Flooring, we got this biggest team of artists under one roof and started working in an organised manner. As of now, Rajasthan flooring have a team of experienced man power, having an experience of 20+ Years in the Business.

Our Aim

The field of construction is vast and flooring is one of the most important part of every house. From soft steps of a baby to the hard hits on it, a floor experiences everything. A floor witnesses every soft or tough moments of Life.

We, at Rajasthan Flooring aim to create such an environment in the business that every flooring gets the best hand for installation. Our aim is to create a team of professionals who will work to create beautiful floorings and make buildings look beautiful. With a dedicated team of professional engineers, architects, workers & skilled labour, we aim at fulfilling the growing need for fine workers in the business.

To Achieve,

  • Efficiency
  • Finishing
  • Team Work
  • Desired Results

Experienced Team

Rajasthan Flooring, having a very experienced Team of professionals, working in the business, has a strong backup. Our Team having a 20+ Years of experience is capable of doing any type of work in the business efficiently. With a dedicated and experienced team, our focus is only on making strong and beautiful floorings. Our team has professional Engineers, Architects, Workers, Observers, Designers and skilled labour. The team is well equipped with modern tools. Our partner firms also play a strong role in getting the best resources for the Team.

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